Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Week 20: Windows and Insulation

FALL has come to the Wenatchee Valley, as you can see in this photo of the house from the road.  Those trees we felt were a fire threat now beckon in full color, especially when the sun lights them up.

Windows and insulation went in very quickly - in about a week.  We just love our Eagle windows from Washington Window and Doors.  Thanks Matt (and Barrie, too).

The pictures really tell the story here, but there are a couple of interesting notes about windows and insulation.  First, the windows are aluminum clad on the outside, a nice blue-black color called Dark Ash; the trim will be painted to match it in an opaque stain color called River Deep.  Inside, the windows are all clear vertical grain fir and they are finished with a clear finish - no stain.  The interior doors and trim around windows, doors and the base molding will all be to match - clear vg fir with a natural finish. Light, clean.

The Eagle inner workings work exceptionally well.  In particular, I'm a big fan of the triple latch full-light doors.  When closed, they latch in three different places, up high, in the middle and midway down - no air will leak in here, and there's no sense that the doors will ever break down through use.  I would heartily recommend to anyone building a home, to reach in price here - the quality is well worth the investment.  Here are some views from inside with the windows in, and the insulation all completed.

View of dining room from living room

View of living room from dining room

View from master bedroom

Entry hall to the north side

Guest bedroom looking north

Looking through Wally's studio to entry hall; NE view

Leo's beams being prepped to hang in the great room

The insulation went in so quickly!  The exterior walls are also sealed in with a moisture barrier as well, and the interior walls are all insulated.  I've never seen the interior walls insulated, but Leo and his team do a solid, quiet house.  With the windows and insulation, the house takes on an entirely new character:  it's so quiet you can hear your ears ring.

We're still toying with staining the ceiling beams, perhaps to match the cabinetry.

And here's a quick look at the front entry elevation.  Next time you see this, it will be clad with siding!  No more white Tyvek!

Next post:  Fall Color in the Canyon!

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